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Chakra: Chakra is another word for ʻwheelʼ, and these spinning, vibrating spirals of energy are located in seven main areas around the body. Provided each chakra is open and functioning correctly, energy is free to move through them as it travels around the body. But sometimes, chakras become blocked or sluggish, leading to imbalances and dis-orders manifesting as emotional or physical health issues. For this reason, itʼs important to keep them functioning correctly.

Dakini: A woman embodying tantric powers, to be shared in any way that serves the purpose of enlightenment or transformation.

Kundalini Energy: Kundalini is a dormant energetic force that sits at the base of the spine. It can be activated through body and breathwork, rising up along the spine and triggering various levels of ʻawakeningʼ that can include physical and emotional reactions, and even profound mystical experiences.

Lingam Massage: In Tantra we call the male sexual organ the ʻlingamʼ, which in Sanskrit translates as ‘Wand of Light”. The lingam is viewed and honoured as the channel for creative energy and pleasure.

Men are the ʻdoersʼ in the sexual arena, striving for the goal, having to make the partner feel satisfied, getting to orgasm as quickly as possible. This means lovemaking can become a drain on most men, sometimes causing disease like premature ejaculation and other forms of sexual dysfunction.

When giving lingam massage I use many different strokes and techniques. During the massage I invite you to relax and let go. This is your time to open to receive loving touch, without having to do or give something in return. This in itself can be quite challenging, and amazingly liberating for some.

This massage includes all areas of the lingam as well as male sacred spot massage. There is no ʻgoalʼ, as such – but if ejaculation and orgasm does occur, it is a welcomed and pleasant side effect!

Lingam massage offers an opportunity to experience total relaxation, enabling the receiver to awaken to new physical sensations and energetic awareness.

Osho Meditations: Osho was a popular spiritual teacher from the 1970s, with an ashram in India. He realised that for many Westerners, their minds were too busy to sit quietly in meditation, so he devised a series of active, meditations, the two most popular being dynamic and kundalini. These created a relaxed, energised awareness that raised consciousness and paved the way for stillness.

Tantra: Tantra in Sanskrit means ʻto weaveʼ. Quite simply, by weaving conscious awareness with the movement of energy, our experience of everyday life becomes fuller, richer and more grounded.

While in the media Tantra is all about sex, in reality it is about using your creative sexual life force energy as fuel for everything you do.

Just as a pianist must practice every day to become a virtuoso, so must a tantrika practice if he or she wants to become highly skilled. There are many amazing techniques offered, from a variety of different schools of Tantra. Each can help bring more presence and awareness to an individualʼs sexuality, spirituality, emotional life and the physical body.

Defining Tantra is like defining the word love. Sometimes it is a verb, sometimes a noun, sometimes itʼs an adjective. The definition offered here is based on my own experience of Tantra – but it may differ from what you have read elsewhere. Still, all roads lead to the top of the mountain. As the saying goes, when the student is ready the teacher will appear. If youʼve come to this website to embark on a Tantric journey, well then, you must be ready!

Tantrika: Tantrika is a collective term for anyone on the tantric path.

Yab Yum: This pose places partners in a cross-legged position, with legs wrapped around each other. It encourages a heart opening and connection, and special breathing techniques enable intense waves of energy to build and circulate.

Yoni Massage: Yoni is a Sanskrit word meaning “source of life” and it is also the name given to a womanʼs genital area. Working with this sacred space
can have powerful effects for the receiver.

I begin by massaging the body, before focusing attention on the yoni. You will be guided to sink into the breath while I use a variety of different strokes and techniques to help create a sense of expansion. This allows for an amazingly intense and deeply sensual experience.

Yoni massage focuses on reconnecting you through breath, sound, movement and intention, enabling you to move into a deep level of relaxation and pleasure. For some women a yoni massage with this amount of presence and awareness can not only create a physical orgasmic release, it can also unlock stored emotions and assist a deep release on this level too.

My yoni massage is a celebration of the feminine and your gift to yourself.