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Womens Massage Sydney


What is a Women’s Yoni Massage

A Women’s Yoni Massage is all about receiving pleasure. I am of the belief that we should be able to feel huge amounts of pleasure in our bodies and pleasure based sessions are a highly effective tool for healing. My sessions are around giving the most pleasure possible with full body massage, inclusive of both breast and Yoni.
In Tantric terms, the name for the Vulva is “Yoni”. Yoni is the Sanskrit word meaning “Source of Life”.

In my session, I use *Lomi Lomi Massage techniques to enable the body to become completely relaxed before moving on to the breast massage. I then start the Yoni massage and here I use different strokes and techniques which allow for full pleasure in the Yoni and the whole body system.

For some women, this session can bring up deeply stored feeling and emotions which are welcomed during the session.

Yoni Massage can end up in orgasm but it is not the main focus of the session. The main focus is on feeling pleasure and different touch in this particular part of the body which in turn allows for deep relaxation and expansion of energy in the whole body.

How do you prepare for a Yoni Massage with your Tantric Practitioner

I encourage you to always come with any feelings of anticipation or anxiousness as these feelings often change when going through your consultation with me at the beginning of the session.

It is good to also note that if you have any preconceived ideas or expectations of what the session should look like, you may be disappointed if those expectations are not meant. It is always a good idea if you come with a clear head and just see what happens. If you are full of expectations we can always discuss those at the beginning in the consultation.

You may also wish to give yourself this day off from all other outwardly chores and errands and just have a ME day. This session may move a lot of energy around the body and you may wish to be gentle and kind to yourself for the rest of the day. To often we do not give ourselves enough me time, so make this day a “ME” day if you can and do things that give back to self, including the Yoni Massage experience.

What are the benefits of a Women’s Yoni Massage

The biggest benefit of having a women’s Yoni massage is that you have a much better understanding of your own body. How much pleasure it can take in, where your erogenous zones are, especially in the yoni.

You will experience what it is like just to receive and be pampered without having to do or give something back in return. This is your time to be indulgent and just relax with your own orgasmic energies.

A Yoni Massage experience can give you a better understanding of how you connect with yourself, your partner and to others around you.

This massage will bring more health to the yoni, breasts and your entire body system and mind.

This session will re-energise your yoni, which in turn is your sex energy or rather, your life force energy. The more we are in tune with ourselves in this particular area of the body the more we are in tune with our whole body system and with life itself.

This massage is a gift to self and to the feminine.

*Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage technique that combines long flowing strokes over the entire body allowing the receiver to completely relax and give in to the nurturing touch. This massage is light in touch yet works deeply into the muscles. This massage aims to take the receiver into a deep meditative state where you feel completely relaxed and at ease.