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Couples Massage Sydney


A couples massage experience is where you get the opportunity to learn new and exciting techniques together in a safe space with a highly trained practitioner. You will learn simple yet effective sensual massage skills using *Lomi Lomi Massage and also learn the arts of both Yoni massage (Vulva massage) and Lingam massage (Penis Massage). This is a guided journey of learning and exploration with your partner so that you may expand on your sexual repertoire together. To have a couples massage session together is a beautiful gift to each other and to the relationship itself.

How to prepare for a Couples Massage session with your Tantric Practitioner

So both of you have committed to having a couples session with me, now what do you do to prepare for the session?

There may be feelings of anxiety or even fear of the unknown and this is perfectly normal when booking your Couples massage session. I encourage you to brings those feelings along with you. Tantra is about being in the moment and when you start the session with me and have an initial consultation, those feelings soon merge into something else, happiness and ease.

You may wish to make this day a “special” day where you have nothing else on as this gives you time to explore and share with each other. Clear your schedules and do something light afterward like going out to dinner with each other. This way you get to enjoy the whole experience of the couples session.

The main preparation is to show up and be ready to explore and learn new techniques and have fun with your partner and tantra practitioner.

What are the benefits of a Couples Massage Session.

When you come for a Couples Massage Session you are committing to your relationship by exploring new and exciting techniques that you can then expand on and explore together in your own private space.

By constantly learning and exploring together you are both growing in the areas of sensuality and sexuality. You are committing on keeping the spark alive in the relationship and this brings a new freshness to the relationship that you are both cultivating.

This session is one of the most beautiful things you can do together. You are saying YES to your relationship and your partner.

So come along, have lots of new and exciting fun together, explore and expand. I truly believe that the couples that play together, stay together.

* Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage technique that combines long flowing strokes over the entire body allowing the receiver to completely relax and give in to the nurturing touch. This massage is light in touch yet works deeply into the muscles. This massage aims to take the receiver into a deep meditative state where you feel completely relaxed and at ease.