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Sensual Massage 101: The Five Forms of Touch

Feb 012016
Detail from Félicien Rops - Le massage

Detail from Félicien Rops – Le massage

Let’s be real: everyone can benefit from a sensual massage. It’s a beautiful way to connect with your lover, spark up the sexual energy, and show how much you care. Touch is one of the most powerful forms of interaction, healing on the deepest levels, and intimate beyond words. And the key to giving a really beautiful sensual massage is being present, tuning in to your partner’s desires and letting in spontaneity. You don’t need to worry about planning out the details, but there are a few tips that help to give your lover luscious sensations. So, first lesson: the five strokes you need to give an unforgettable sensual massage.

  1. Gliding

The first key to gliding is touching your lover with the center of your palm. Allow the fingers to curve around naturally, then glide the palm down the body, trailing the fingers evenly behind. You can try this out on yourself first to get the idea. Just place your hand on the back of your forearm, palm first, and let the fingers curve around the arm. Then slowly pull the palm up the arm towards the shoulder. Keep the hand relaxed and go slowly. You can glide all the way from your lover’s shoulder to the toes and back with one long stroke. The keys are to keep the hand relaxed and to maintain contact through the whole stroke. And remember, go slowly to keep it sensual and connected.

  1. Kneading

Kneading is a great supplement to the gliding stroke. Just press with the palm and allow the fingers to follow, so that you are using the whole hand to squeeze and pull the muscle. Depending on the pressure, this can feel delicate and relaxing or deep and invigorating. Remember that touch transmits your intention more effectively than word, so keep present during each stroke.

  1. Vibration

Vibration is a great stroke to relax the muscles. Just place the palm down onto your lover’s body and allow the fingers to relax. Create the vibration with alternating side-to-side motions. This stroke can feel amazing on the buttocks and thighs. Play around and see how it feels. Vibration can really free up the energy and bring out some giggles.

  1. Brush Strokes

Ok, this one uses the fingertips, but remember to keep the fingers relaxed and trail them along the body softly. This is an amazing touch to heighten anticipation and sensation. You can use circular strokes or go back and forth, or even trace your way around your lover’s body. Slowly and softly are the keys to making the brush strokes delightful and exciting.

  1. Stillness

Your hands don’t have to be moving all of the time. In fact, a beautiful way to begin and end each session is to place your hands on your lover and make gentle, firm contact as you match their breathing. This is a beautiful way to establish presence and connection with your partner, helping them go deeper into their pleasure.

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