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Pubic Hair: Yay or nay?

Nov 012017

How do you like your pubes?  Smooth and hairless, or wild and free?  Or perhaps a tasteful trim, a runway or delicate triangle?

When it comes down it, there’s no right or wrong answer.  It’s a personal choice, and personal preferences should be the first and last issues in our decision.  And yet, so often our personal choices are affected by public opinion.

Personal grooming habits have been decisively influenced by social opinion for years.  Our current obsession with hairlessness is an accident of history, an attitude that came into vogue throughout the last half a millennium.  But what does it mean?

Pubic hair begins to grow when we reach maturity.  It’s tangible evidence of our capacity to procreate, to create life.  Our recent obsession with hairlessness is a reflection of a desire to separate sex from procreation.  It’s a symbol of sexuality without connection, evidence of our readiness to engage in the sexual act without meaning or true union.  It has been popularised by the cultural obsession with bikini lines and the porn industry.  This influence has been so powerful in the mind of the public that generations of young women have been made to feel insecure about the natural function of their bodies.  And it doesn’t stop with women.  The metrosexual movement has brought the hairless look into the mainstream for men as well.

Personal grooming is a choice.  Just look at the words themselves.  It is personal.  If a woman enjoys keeping herself clean-shaven or trimming her bush into a carefully-maintained womanscape, then it should be her choice, 100%.  If a man likes to artfully trim his pubes or remove them completely, the same applies.  At the same time, why?  Should we feel pressured to endure the agony of waxing or the inconveniences of shaving simply because public opinion portrays this as desirable?

When it comes down to it, the hairless vulva is neither more hygienic nor sexier.  And for the men, the complete removal of body hair can offer a smooth, sleek appearance.  At the same time, you may prefer an artful trim or the wild and virile appearance of untrimmed pubic hair.  Our personal choices should be based upon our own desires, rather than those of mass opinion, especially a mass opinion that has been shaped by media, social opinion, and the porn industry.  

What do you like?  How do you like to feel?

If you’ve met the right person, then they will love every aspect of your being and your body.  From your body hair to your attitude.  The right person will love you for who you are.  Regardless of any images which the media has conditioned into us about what sexuality is supposed to be.

Is it worth it to endure the pain of Brazilian waxes or the challenges of shaving simply to maintain an image of the prepubescent virgin?  Or would you prefer to display your body in all its natural beauty, unmodified by razors, wax, or other depilatory devices?  There’s no right answer here.  The hairless vulva is beautiful, revealing the sexuality of woman in all its glory.  And, at the same time, the full bush is beautiful, showing woman in all her power, alive to her potential as a creative, alive being.  With men, sporting a bit of pubic hair can be a sign of masculinity, something that shows, without words, that your lover is with a man rather than a child.

The key is to take your power back.  Your body is your domain, your sacred space.  How would you like to arrange your kingdom?  And why do you make the choices you do?  Are these choices about catering to the image of the masses, or do they serve your needs as an individual?

You are empowered and alive.  You can shape your body and your body hair as you choose.  What do you really want?  The right person will love you for your choice, and not despite it.

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