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Goodbye to 2019!

Dec 012019

Hello, lovelies!

It’s that time again. Another year has flown by, and it’s time to celebrate the coming of another journey around the sun and to reflect on what the year has brought. On the things we’ve accomplished, and those we’ve just not yet gotten around to. We’re all another year older – and hopefully wiser – so where is the journey leading us next?

Just to share a bit of my own personal experience, this year has had loads of ups and downs. Some heavy challenges and deep contemplation. Not always fun. They wouldn’t be called challenges if they weren’t challenging. But this has brought in some beautiful determination and clarity regarding the road ahead. I find myself deeply humbled by the people who pass through my door and honoured to stand in service, offering the gift of touch. More than ever, I look back and see how blessed I am to be able to do what I love so much and have a meaningful impact on the lives of those I meet.

On a more practical level, I’ve been realising that it’s time to raise my prices. I started Blissrising more than ten years ago, and this will be the first time. There are plenty of reasons for this. Prices have gone up for everything over the last decade, and I’ve been learning, adding skills and refining my art through the years. So this is me recognising my value and honouring that, just as I honour each and every person who walks through my door.

Most of you who are reading this know me and have worked with me. You know that I am a skilled professional with impeccable taste and integrity. You know that when you come to a session with me, you get 100% of what I have to offer, the highest standard of quality and service. And I do this for myself just as much as you.

The upside of this for you is that if you want the 2019 rates, there’s still a bit of time to book a session! Set up something with me now and you can lock it in before the hike!

One thing that has been resoundingly clear, this year and previous years, is that I really believe in this work. Massage and touch are so important for each of us. We all need to feel, to let go of the crap and tune in to our bodies, to give back to ourselves. Massage is a huge part of self-care, a way to find equilibrium and healing against the backdrop of chaos.

Here’s a passage from the Book “From Medication to Meditation” by OSHO. It’s one that touched my heart, and that I keep in mind each time a client walks through my door. He was asked to comment on the art of massage, and this is what he said:

“Massage is something that you can start learning but you never finish. It goes on and on, and the experience becomes continuously deeper and deeper and higher and higher. Massage is one of the most subtle arts – and it is not only a question of expertise. It is more a question of love. Learn the technique – then forget it. Then just feel, and move by feeling. When you learn deeply, ninety per cent of the work is done by love, ten per cent by the technique. By just the very touch, a loving touch, something relaxes in the body.”

I look forward to meeting many more people in search of deep relaxation and exploration in the year ahead. And a warm thanks to all of you who are already in my life, clients and friends alike. If you celebrate the holidays, have a joyous time, play safe and have the most glorious New Year as we embrace conscious change in the world in 2020.

In love and light,


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