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Full Mind, or Mindful?

Jul 012012

Mindfulness.  You may have heard the word…but what is it really about?

Well, it’s to do with being totally present and focused, and having a full, conscious awareness of whatever you’re doing in the moment.  But yes, sometimes that is easier said than done!

Our brains can work like tape recorders – either stuck on fast forward, in planning mode, thinking about all the things we need to do – or stuck in reverse, going over our lives, wondering about what-ifs and maybes.  Like a monkey, the mind chatters away, and it’s this relentless noise that can make us stressed, anxious and tense.

Distraction also disconnects us from the sensual side of life, because when we’re not fully aware of what’s happening to us in the moment, we miss out on life’s little pleasures, and the full depth of our sensuality.

Think about how you approach the small tasks.  Do you rush through the washing up… or do you take your time and really ‘feel’ it.  It might sound strange, but you can turn something as mundane as doing the dishes into a mindful experience.  Try fully focusing on and feeling the heat and silkiness of the water on your hands, the squishiness of the sponge between your fingers and the zesty steam from the water as it curls around your nostrils, and you’re on the way to conscious awareness!

Here’s another exercise to try for a couple of minutes:

-Find a quiet spot and close your eyes.

-Focus all your attention on the little finger on your right hand.

-Take some deep breaths into your belly.

-Now on the inhale, imagine sending your breath through your body to that finger.

-Next, with each inhale, imagine pulling a bean of light in through the crown of your head and down to your finger.

-Feel the blood pulsing there and note any sensations as you continue to breathe slowly and deeply.

Hopefully you’ll sense your finger started to feel bigger, perhaps a bit tingly, and more ‘awake’.  Or maybe it felt like it was the only finger on your hand.

This simple exercise shows how focused awareness and imagination can enhance sensation.  Imagine what could happen if you could apply the technique to other areas of your own body – or your lover’s!

So trade a full mind for being mindful, and start connecting to life on an even deeper level.

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