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Aug 112012

Asking permission to RECREATE INTENSE ROMANCE… and have it, just like it was at the start of your relationship.

Are you experiencing ‘flat-lining’ in your intimate relationship? Do you feel that there is no ‘new-ness’… that is, the ‘new’ sense of adventure that comes from being in the courtship phase of a relationship? That’s the time when you experienced a very strong sense of romance, when you (and your beloved) were VERY excited to be with each another?

If you’re avoiding intimacy because you’re experiencing boredom from monotonous intimate experiences… then here’s a simple way of recreating ‘newness’ and heightening your sense of romance — and have it, just like it was at the start of your relationship!

It’s very simple. Here’s how — ask permission.

Create a practice in your intimate time, where you ask permission for e-v-e-r-y thing and e-v-e-r-y step you take… and then listen for, and honor the answer that comes back to you.See how this changes your experience from the ‘usual’ menu.

Make sure you set the intention first with your beloved. Ask them “my darling, I yearn for us to melt together. Tonight (or this Saturday etc) can we take time out from the world and reconnect?”

Creating an atmosphere of sacredness works. This means turning off all phones, the TV and making sure the children are out of the house so that you have privacy.

Ask yourself: how can I nurture my beloved?
Ask yourself: what can I do so that my beloved feels supported?
And add these into your love making.

Great and obvious choices are…
…. running a bath for your beloved and then sitting beside the tub and slowly washing them.
… no bath? Then shampoo and condition your beloved’s hair in the shower.
… ask them to relax while you towel dry them. You get the idea!

During your time together, instead of touching them as you normally would, S-L-O-W down and ask permission. Ask permission for e-v-e-r-y thing and e-v-e-r-y step you take during your time together.

Ask “may I…?”

Notice the amazing differences this same and simple process makes! It’s like pressing the reset button on a monotonous relationship.

I invite you to try it out.





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