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The Downside To Getting It Up

Dec 092012

I had an interesting experience last week, with a male client who’d clearly popped a couple of Viagra in the bathroom before climbing onto the massage table. Now guys, I understand that you might want to make the most of your booking with me, and feel confident that you’re fully aroused during our session…. but I can’t advise you strongly enough to please not introduce chemicals into the equation.

As a therapist, it’s very difficult to work with unnatural influences like drugs and alcohol. Any kind of artificial drug can block the body’s own energy systems from working as they should during a session. Drugs that trigger erections often shut the body off from experiencing the subtle circulation of energy, and from feeling the full body intense energy orgasms that can be a result of the work we do. Viagra can also deaden sensitivity to the penis, again making it difficult to respond and fully ‘feel your feelings’.

I fully understand how much a man’s sense of masculinity and sexuality depends on his ability to have a full erection. Being potent is, of course a fundamental part of the male self image – and it’s common for a man to feel like he’s lost some vital part of his masculinity if his erection disappears. But by placing so much emphasis on the workings of this one organ, we run the risk of becoming a ‘penis-centric’ society, overly focused on the role of the penis alone in fulfilling sexual needs, rather than on the entire body.

Not to mention that Viagra commonly creates side-effects like headaches, blurred vision, photosensitivity, facial flushing and an upset stomach. And the other danger is that occasional use can lead to habitual reliance, with users becoming psychologically dependent on the drug to kick-start arousal. When getting an erection is achieved by something as quick and simple as just popping a pill, the sensual, emotional aspects of sexuality can easily start to become ignored. This can de-sensitise the body, and cause men to become increasingly detached from the subtle and emotional aspects of sex.

So if you’re interested in experiencing the work I do, understand that it’s my goal to take you beyond expectation, judgement and the traditional ‘penis-centred’ approach to sexuality. Trust yourself and accept that it doesn’t matter whether you have a full, firm erection for the duration of our session, or not! It’s a much simpler, and healthier solution to the ‘problem’ than popping one of those little blue pills ever could be.

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