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Heartfelt Expressions

Mar 102013

Have you ever had one of those moments where, when you’re feeling really good, happy or joyful inside, you notice how people start relating to you differently? You don’t need to be wearing a Cheshire grin from ear to ear, or do cartwheels down the street to get noticed. Sometimes, just feeling a certain way on the inside can seem to affect everything around you differently on the outside.

I was reminded of this fact the other day when a friend was telling me a story about getting lost on the way to a nightclub on the wrong side of the tracks, in a rough part of New York. Walking along a dark, silent street late at night, two large, threatening-looking men suddenly approached from a derelict building and started walking towards him. In an instant, he decided not to cross the street or run. Instead he bounded up to them excitedly, telling them how happy he was to run into them and find someone he could ask directions from. The two guys looked at each other incredulously, and taken aback by his approach (not to mention his Aussie accent), they decided to help him, rather than mug him. Safely escorted out of trouble and pointed in the right direction, my friend found the club and joined the end of the (very long) line to get in, while feeling quietly amazed and elated over what had just happened. At that moment, the nightclub bouncer, observing my friend from the front doors, walked over, plucked him out of the line and whisked him past everyone and on inside the club!

What’s clear from this story, is how our emotions can not only influence our interior lives (things like our physical health and our state of mind) – they can also influence our external world and change how others respond to us.

Science is actually researching this phenomenon, and has discovered that when we’re feeling positive emotions, such as love or joy or excitement, the heart beats out a very different message via the rhythmic electromagnetic field it generates. Amazingly, emotional information is encoded within this field, and it’s this ‘signal’ that can be subconsciously picked up, ‘felt’ and interpreted by those around us.

So whenever you’re having one of those ‘what’s the point’ moments, or feeling that the world’s problems are too immense and overwhelming to make any kind of difference on any level, remember this. We are all fundamentally and deeply interconnected with each other – and what we do individually can make a difference in the lives of every single person we meet. So whether we’re praying for direction or paying for coffee, don’t forget that our heart ‘vibration’ can be sensed by whoever we come in contact with, influencing them to greater vibrational heights of their own.

In love and light,


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