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Ifs and Butts

May 262013

As some of you will know, my recent knee injury has meant an enforced period of rest and relaxation – and seeing as I’ve had to spend a little more time than usual sitting on my butt (in between numerous physio visits and strengthening exercises) while it heals, I thought I might as well make our backsides the theme of this week’s blog!

Possibly due to its location (i.e. behind us), the butt is one of the most overlooked areas of our own bodies (admired though it may be by others!). Yet with its many sensitive nerve endings and pleasure centres, this area is a party waiting to go off! So the next couple of blogs will offer a hands-on, practical approach to get us to the bottom of the er, bottom, as we delve into one of the body’s most sensitive and vulnerable areas.

Our attitudes to the anal area are often charged with strong emotions, conditioned as we are to regard it as a ‘taboo’ region. We can often clench and hold our sphincters unconsciously, especially during times of stress or upset – and if you know someone who’s slightly anal retentive, their behaviour could easily be linked to some type of tension in this area. With this in mind, doing work here can be immensely helpful, both physically and emotionally.

The anus also plays a key role in pumping energy through the body – so on an energetic level, butt play can even help connect you with your heart and emotions, as energy is squeezed upwards to the heart centre.

To activate this area, begin by taking some deep breaths into the belly, and as you inhale, start clenching and squeezing the area around the sphincter, then relax it on each exhale. It’s as if you’re pulling the whole area up inside the body as you clench the anus and perineum.

Next, gradually speed up the breathing and clenching, before taking some double inhales (with matching double squeezes), followed by a single exhale/release. Finally, take a few quick short breaths with a clench on each inhale. Ensure you completely relax on each exhale.

This exercise can be done anywhere, and part of the fun is that you can do it without anyone even realising – which means you can incorporate it into one of those dull business meetings, while you’re waiting for a bus, or when you’re chatting to a friend over coffee! Make it part of your daily routine and over time it’ll become second nature.

Practising these daily pelvic floor exercises, you’ll release tension, gain greater control over orgasm and increase the libido. For the guys, these exercises will also give you a firmer erection, better prostate health and help you to shoot further and for longer during ejaculation. Aim to do 50-100 of these ‘bottom breaths’ each day and you’ll soon notice the difference.

So no ‘if’s’, no ‘buts’ – do your daily derriere duty and reap the health, energetic and emotional benefits

Next week: butt play for couples.

In love and light,


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