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The Essential Hen’s Night

Sep 022015

The Hen’s Night is one of the biggest nights of a woman’s life, but for the organiser it can bring on a cold sweat and an immediate panic attack! You want to treat your Best Friend, sister etc the to an evening she will remember and never forget, but you need to avoid cliché and come up with something out of the box that hasn’t been done a hundred times before.


While the Hen’s night can be great fun for everyone, for the organiser getting it right can be a stressful event! You’re set on avoiding the overdone night on the town, forcing the Hen to run around in a tiara -you know the deal – a short lived adrenaline rush that leaves you with nothing more than a hangover, an internal groan as memories come flooding back

With this in mind it is perhaps wise to review how Hen’s Nights came to be and consider alternatives to the big night out.

Hen’s Night History
The Hen’s Night dates as far back as ancient Greece and much more than a big night running around the Acropolis squealing at the sight of oiled up Greek gods removing an item of clothing or two, its origins are steeped in education. Ancient Greek women gathered to guide the bride to be into married life with wisdom and advice, talked about the wedding night and shared stories, and no doubt a few tips and techniques on how to keep her husband happy in all respects.

The Needs of the Modern Hen
Fast forward over 4,000 years to modern Sydney, where the bride to be has the freedom to go out whenever she wants and becoming a wife no longer signifies the end of her freedom and we are left with the essential element of education.

How can we do justice to the time honoured tradition of the Hen’s Night in the modern era and provide a fun, memorable event to remember that combines a little learning for the Hen to take into the marriage that will support her for years to come?

While it would be rare to find a blushing, virginal bride in a bustling Australian city these days, the truth is that our sex education, in terms of creating intimacy and embracing sensuality and techniques that will allow a woman to embody her feminine power, often fall far short of what we need to sustain satisfaction in our long term relationships.

A modern twist on the ancient tradition of educating the bride can be found in providing her with the knowledge and skills to perform a sensual and erotic massage on her man on their wedding night that will have him hooked from day one.

Enter Lingam Massage – an ancient Tantric technique designed specifically for men. In Tantra the penis is referred to as Lingam, which means “wand of light” in Sanskrit.

A Hen’s Night Party provides the perfect solution to the modern dilemma of how to organise a great Hen’s Night, incorporating some essential education, that your Hen friend (and her man) will thank you for time and time again!

The Hen will be learning how to locate her man’s erogenous zones and how to perform a mind-blowingly good Lingam Massage using stimulating strokes and tantric techniques. Just add friends and a glass of champagne or two and you are guaranteed a night of fun and laughter, where some very special memories are made!

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