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From Surrender to Success

Dec 032015

iStock_000078618173_SmallThis year has been massive for me, and for many of us. I’ve been forced to make changes and grow in ways I didn’t expect, and the results have been amazing. I think we all have those moments where we’re afraid to take that next step. It’s easy to stick with what’s familiar and comfortable. But this year has shown me all over again how beautiful it is to open up to something new.

For the past five years, I’d been living in a studio apartment. There were many happy memories there and it served my needs well, but it was fear that kept me there for so long. I was stuck, scared of moving out, afraid of making the change, finding a new place and mostly, afraid of paying more rent. I finally made the change and now that I have, I realise that the fear was a bit silly. I now have an apartment with a lounge room that could house my previous studio. Plus an amazing new flatmate, and a whole new energy of possibility and expansiveness.

My business has been undergoing huge changes as well. I decided to let go of a venture that I’d been collaborating on for some time. I held on to it past the time that it was serving me. I came to realise that it wasn’t about failure or defeat. I was able to let go because I saw that it wasn’t serving me anymore. When one door closes, another opens. Surrendering that project was one of the most empowering things that I could have done. Having the ability to let go without seeing it as defeat gave me freedom and power on a whole new level.

I couldn’t see it at the time, but the world was pushing me to free up my energy so that I could start off something new and beautiful, something that I’m passionate and inspired about right now. I‘m being pushed along by the flow of life instead of swimming against the current. Next year will see the beginning of my exciting new business as a waxing queen specialising in Brazilian waxing plus more. I’ll be sharing more about that with you in the coming months. As soon as I let go of what wasn’t serving me, things began to flow smoothly. Opportunities started to drop in effortlessly.

I want to give a special thanks to my supporting team: Kelly, Israel, Laura, Tim, and Jaeleen. Without you, Bondassagebliss and Blissrising wouldn’t be the spectacular ventures they are. No one can do it all alone and no one needs to. By opening up to your support, I have been able to reach new heights. A heartfelt thanks to each of you.

I have shared a bit of my story through the year, because it seems like we’re all undergoing some pretty massive shifts. And this time has been a beautiful expansion for me, with some deep lessons learned. So, to bring you into the new year I have 5 realisations that I would like to share:

1: Life is not in your phones, so look up at the world, be present in the moment.
2: Let go of what is not serving you right now and allow for what does in your life.
3: Be kind to yourself, take care of your body, eat well, exercise and practice mindfulness.
4: Do that course that you have been putting off, learn a new craft, explore and have FUN.
5: Love your friends, hug them, and let them know that you are there for them. They will be
there for you.

On that note, I would like to say Happy Silly Season! Take care if you are traveling, and I look forward to the New Year Celebrations. Happy Expansions into the New Year.

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