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The Art of Great Sex

Jul 152012



Woody Allen had it about right when he rated his brain as his second favourite organ! There’s no doubt that sex is one of our fundamental driving forces, enabling us to transcend the everyday and tap into the divine.

But in the midst of our hectic lives, the act can often feel rushed, unfulfilling, or like scratching an itch that’s never properly satisfied. Yet done properly, sex can just as expressive and artful and fulfilling as music or painting. And like any art, good sex takes practice!

That’s where tantra comes in handy. Tantric principles help you to ‘play’ your body, just like any other musical instrument you’d like to master. And, with regular practice, you can start learning the right cords to play at the right time, when to play softly and when to strum harder, and how to build your song to a spectacular climax!

Put simply, tantra help you to tune in and stay present, to really feel what’s happening in the moment. It’s often all too easy to drift off, get distracted or slip into fantasy mode, instead of fully feeling your pleasure and connecting to your self or your partner. Listen to how your body feels, how your breathing flows, how your partner looks, feels or tastes, what kind of emotions are coming up, and to each and every note being played during your ‘dance’.

Directing your awareness, breathing deeply and really feeling the associated sensations and emotions helps you to connect with your inner world – and that connection helps you to fully relax and let go, making sex more of a transformative experience.

Learn your art and you’ll be able to consciously enjoy the journey of sex, instead of just its conclusion. And you’ll start experiencing fewer of the less intense ‘genital-only’ orgasms, and more of the holy grail of sex – those toe-curling full body climaxes that give greater meaning, depth and joy to all aspects of our lives.

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