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A Happy New Year to All.

Dec 312012

Well once again it is that time for celebrations, time spent with family, fun filled occasions and lots of loving and joy.

This is a tiny blog for the end of the year and I simply wish to say to all of my readers and wonderful clients, HAPPY NEW YEAR.

May 2013 be filled with adventures and expansion for you.

For myself, 2013 brings about travel and business expansion. I have been visualising this journey for quite some time now and in a few months it shall be turning into reality. I am off to Africa in April on a 21 day adventure including safaris, sitting with the Silver Back Gorillas in Uganda and then finally I will be going to an island called Zanzibar, just off the coast of Africa where I plan to relax by the ocean and do not much.

This year I bought on board a Social Media person, Kelly and I would like to say to her thank you for your support. Kelly has been able to bring out my business into the social media world and is wonderful with my now monthly news letters. I would also like to thank Tim who does my photography, Wally who this year created my beautiful website Blissrising, Matt for all of the copywriting, and two wonderful SEO men, Michael and Doron. Without everybody mentioned here Blissrising would not and could not function, my heartfelt appreciation to everybody.

So once again, may everyone have a blissful 2013, love to all and I shall see you in the New Year.

A Good Root

Dec 162012

I was watching an amazing documentary the other day, called ‘What About Me’, by a group called 1 Giant Leap. Filmed by two British musicians who travel the world and record some incredible songs along the way, they also spend time interviewing  philosophers, visionaries and leading thinkers on some of life’s big themes. One of the ideas they explore is how we’re all ‘stuck in our heads’, especially in the West, and trapped in a constant, unending cycle of mostly pointless chatter. Our ‘monkey minds’ are forever babbling, telling us stories, reminding us how we’re not good enough, not clever enough, not attractive enough, and so on. Sounding familiar?
I’m often struck by how ‘ungrounded’ we can be, how we’re ruled by our heads, rather than living in our bodies. But if we began to explore the chakra system, used for thousands of years in eastern philosophies like tantra, we could dramatically improve our energetic, emotional and physical health.
The idea is that we have these spinning, vibrating spirals of energy or ‘chakras’  located in seven main areas around the body. Provided each chakra is open and functioning correctly, energy is free to move through them as it travels around the body. But sometimes, chakras become blocked or sluggish, leading to imbalances and dis-orders manifesting as emotional or physical health issues.
The first chakra is called the root or base chakra and it’s found in the area of the perineum, between the genitals and the anus. It represents issues like survival, security and home, our connection to our tribe or family. The first chakra also grounds us to the earth, acting like the roots of a tree. Imbalances here can lead to physical problems with the lower back, like sciatica, or with the legs, feet, rectum or immune system. And emotional issues relating to this chakra focus on home, belonging, security, providing for ourselves physically and financially and having enough. It’s interesting to note that the current financial crisis comes at a time when we’re disconnected and alienated from our fragile planet like never before.
But don’t despair! There are ways to strengthen the base chakra and nourish this centre. Try placing awareness on your legs and feet more often. Walk barefoot on sand, grass or rock, focus on the sensations in the soles of your feet and feel your connection with the ground. Get a friend to carefully tread on the soles of your feet as you lie face down on a soft surface. It’s amazing how good this can feel, and it can instantly calm the mind.
Root chakra exercises are especially useful if you’re one of those people who’s always thinking or worrying, or if you find it hard to switch off and get out of your head. Spend some time doing root chakra exercises, and you’ll find your mind starts to become more peaceful. So get that monkey mind on a short leash, and teach your brain to work for you, rather than rule you.

The Downside To Getting It Up

Dec 092012

I had an interesting experience last week, with a male client who’d clearly popped a couple of Viagra in the bathroom before climbing onto the massage table. Now guys, I understand that you might want to make the most of your booking with me, and feel confident that you’re fully aroused during our session…. but I can’t advise you strongly enough to please not introduce chemicals into the equation.

As a therapist, it’s very difficult to work with unnatural influences like drugs and alcohol. Any kind of artificial drug can block the body’s own energy systems from working as they should during a session. Drugs that trigger erections often shut the body off from experiencing the subtle circulation of energy, and from feeling the full body intense energy orgasms that can be a result of the work we do. Viagra can also deaden sensitivity to the penis, again making it difficult to respond and fully ‘feel your feelings’.

I fully understand how much a man’s sense of masculinity and sexuality depends on his ability to have a full erection. Being potent is, of course a fundamental part of the male self image – and it’s common for a man to feel like he’s lost some vital part of his masculinity if his erection disappears. But by placing so much emphasis on the workings of this one organ, we run the risk of becoming a ‘penis-centric’ society, overly focused on the role of the penis alone in fulfilling sexual needs, rather than on the entire body.

Not to mention that Viagra commonly creates side-effects like headaches, blurred vision, photosensitivity, facial flushing and an upset stomach. And the other danger is that occasional use can lead to habitual reliance, with users becoming psychologically dependent on the drug to kick-start arousal. When getting an erection is achieved by something as quick and simple as just popping a pill, the sensual, emotional aspects of sexuality can easily start to become ignored. This can de-sensitise the body, and cause men to become increasingly detached from the subtle and emotional aspects of sex.

So if you’re interested in experiencing the work I do, understand that it’s my goal to take you beyond expectation, judgement and the traditional ‘penis-centred’ approach to sexuality. Trust yourself and accept that it doesn’t matter whether you have a full, firm erection for the duration of our session, or not! It’s a much simpler, and healthier solution to the ‘problem’ than popping one of those little blue pills ever could be.