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Merry Christmas from Blissrising. Holiday times again!

Dec 042016

merry-christmas-from-blissrisingMerry Christmas season, everyone!  Once more, it’s time for blessings and cheer and to reflect upon the year.  And it’s been a whirlwind.

I love the holiday season, but I have to remember to pull back and pamper myself a little bit along the way.  For all the cheer and joy that comes around, we have the stress of family dynamics, the rush for Xmas presents, and the inevitable chaos that pops up on cue each holiday season.  I invite you all to take the time you need to reboot and recover some of the energy spent throughout the last twelve months.

This year has been epic, both for Blissrising and on a personal level.  It’s flown by, a journey from one obstacle to the next.  For those that resonate with this, take heart.  There’s always a storm before the calm.  Crisis and opportunity, challenge and growth.  The energy is high, the pace is fast, and we’re gathering more momentum as we move along.  The best thing to do is take one step at a time and remember to breathe, to let the flow of life carry us along as it unfolds.

One of the beautiful new developments for Blissrising is the Hen’s Night.  These nights have been juicy and exciting, perfect gifts for the bride-to-be.  I host a Lingam Massage Hen’s Night where the lucky bride to be and her friends get to experience and learn the techniques needed to give a sensual and erotic experience that your men will never forget.  I teach an authentic tantric skill that will keep your man in the palm of your hand from day one, and once they go tantric, they don’t go back.

Despite the challenges along the way, this year has been exciting, expansive, and downright amazing.  I have received a host of wonderful clients, and have had the privilege to brighten their lives, deepen their connection to sensuality, and give the gift of touch, sensuality and tantra to men, women, and couples from all walks of life.  This is my passion and my joy, my way of bringing more life, light, joy, and pleasure into the world.

I normally don’t get into this, but I even have a few resolutions for the New Year.  My goals – to begin sharing with a broader audience through a YouTube channel and to take a few more mini-vacations and spend more time with loved ones.  I want to open up a bit more to the flow of life and to do one thing each day to brighten the lives of those around me.

So, with the end of one year and the dawn of the new on the horizon, what are your reflections?  What challenges have you met, and what gifts have these challenges offered?  What is there to be grateful for in your world, and what would you like to do to give back to yourself.  And finally, what experiences would you like to invite into your world during the year ahead?

In love and light, and with holiday blessings for all.

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