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Hens Parties Sydney: Looking for a unique and exciting hens party idea for Sydney?

Apr 012017

A Hens Night is a special celebration, a time to show the bride to be how much you care, to give her and her closest friends the time of her life and share some exciting, perhaps even “naughty” moments before she ties the knot.  Why not make it thrilling and unique, a night that won’t be forgotten?

For the bride to be and her best friends in Sydney, I have something really exciting and special to offer:  A Tantra Hens Party.

Most Hens Nights include champagne, laughter, music, and excitement, perhaps some delicious masculine attention, and a memory that the bride to be can treasure for years to come.  In my Tantra Hens Parties, I offer all this and more.  The lucky lady and her closest friends will have the chance to witness lingam massage performed on a live male model.  It’s an opportunity to explore tantra, the ancient science of sexuality, to learn the art of pleasure and deepen desire and connection in your relationship.

Lingam massage is an art honed by millennia of tantric sensual exploration.  In your Tantra Hens Party, I demonstrate all the tips and techniques of lingam massage, showing you live and in person exactly how to touch a man and bring him to the highest levels of arousal.  You’ll learn how to slow things down, build pleasure to unbelievable heights, and keep your lover in a space of delicious ecstasy.  And, even better, the bride to be and her closest companions will have the chance to try it out for themselves, putting the technique into practice.  This is an opportunity to learn a sensual art that will revolutionise your love life and keep things excited for all the years to come.

This is a chance to give the bride to be a night that will strengthen her marriage, stoke the fire in the bedroom, and have her man in the palm of her hand from that night forward.  And her friends are just as lucky, as everyone at the Tantra Hens Party will bring these skills home with them.  It’s a conscious sensual experience, and a special opportunity to have a night you’ll never forget.  In one night, the bride to be and all her friends can learn a tantric art that will make their love lives better than ever.

Laughter and fun, music and champagne, a touch of real sex education, the kind that makes those sexy moments better each time.  An occasion to share and remember for the rest of your lives.  A time to be free and naughty and wild, to savour the moment and bring your intimacy to the next level.  There’s no better gift for the woman entering the adventure of married life.

So, would you like to make your next Hens Night something exciting, and unforgettable?  A Tantra Hens Party is just the thing – sensual, educational, and deliciously naughty, offering the bride to be and her BFFs the skills that will take their relationships to new levels of pleasure and connection. 

Come ready for fun.

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