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The healing power of sex – intimacy as a gateway to wholeness

Aug 012017

Sex is amazing.  Delicious, sensual, beautiful, fun.  It’s one of the most beautiful forms of connection we can share.  But more than that, our sexuality is connected to the deepest dynamic of our personality, or core sense of self.  All too often, society imprints in us patterns of fear, shame, and guilt around our sexuality.  We pick up taboos, judgments, and so many other things, complicating our relationships with our bodies, with intimacy, and with one another.  We learn to close off, physically, emotionally, and energetically.

It is because of this that our sexuality has such potential to offer healing.  When approached with consciousness, sexual energy is opening and expansive.  It can unlock the body and the heart, bringing life back into spaces that we have closed off and shut down.  And since our sexual nature is so deeply connected to our core, this healing extends into the foundation of our connection with self and with one another, having the potential to completely transform every aspect of our experience.

Tantra and bodywork are beautiful practices to help us access this healing potential.  Tantra is itself a practice of spiritual elevation through our sensual nature.  Through sex and through the pure physical opening that can come from sharing without judgment and without thoughts of performance, from a place of full presence.  It helps us to move past ideas of what sex should look like, past roles and stories.

The beautiful thing about the tantric practice is that it extends so far past the realm of sexuality, into a place where our intimacy can deepen.  It helps us to become more comfortable opening up and being seen, to have more space to see and accept the others that we connect with, exactly as they are.  This more conscious approach to sexuality becomes a model that helps to deepen our approach to life on every level.  Tantra and the healing that it offers revitalises our connection with the moment of experience, inviting authenticity, a stronger sense of self-esteem, and a more empowered relationship with ourselves and the world.

When we come from a place of wholeness, the masks drop away.  We become more free to let go of things that we do to maintain control, to project an image, to purchase acceptance from others.  We learn to express ourselves with authenticity and honesty, communicating our emotions from a real, raw space, and learning accountability for those feelings at the same time.  We heal and release the judgments we have around ourselves and our body, letting go of those aspects of guilt and shame that cause us to push intimacy away and hide from the world.  In short, we open to exactly the kind of relationship with ourselves and others that we have wanted all along.

One of the most amazing aspects of this transformation is that it extends the same healing potential into every connection we have.  Our own healing journey is offered, through our words, through our presence, through the examples we offer and the space we hold in our relating, to everyone we interact with.  The healing radiates out through the entire sphere of our experience.  Not just with those that we connect with on an intimate or sexual level, but with everyone we encounter.

This is the true power of sexuality, of tantra, of connecting with our bodies from a space of sensuality and deep acceptance.  Healing, creativity, vitality, clarity, a deeper capacity for love and a more authentic expression of our own beings.  The capacity to surrender our illusions of control to step into a truly human space of experiencing and relating.  And as this movement to wholeness happens within, it becomes reflected in the mirror of our outer world, manifesting as a life more filled with joy, freedom, meaningful connection, and abundance than we could have imagined possible.

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