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How to touch your man to keep him coming back for more

May 012018

A Hens party is a once in a lifetime experience. It’s a time to celebrate sensuality and the beauty of the journey into marriage. So why not do something really unique? Why not give the bride to be and all of her friends an experience that will keep things exciting for all the years to come?

A Tantric Hens Party is the perfect solution. It’s an experience that pampers the lucky lady and her companions with a sensual and delicious atmosphere and showcases a live lingam massage. The hen will learn, in person, the time-honoured techniques of giving her man so much pleasure that he’ll be eager for more.

The lingam massage is an ancient tantric art, a powerful technique that explores the ways of pleasure, the touches, strokes, rhythms, and energy that create connection and bring passion to the highest levels. The Hen and her friends will see a demonstration of the power and pleasure of lingam massage on a live model. Then, they’ll have a chance to get hands-on – don’t worry ladies, not with the model – and master the skills themselves.

Setting the Scene

Setting up is as fun for me as it is for the ladies. They always have plenty of questions as I prepare the workshop area: Who am I? Who is the man with me? What are we going to be doing?

I love building up the anticipation, getting everyone really excited about what comes next. Before long, we’re ready to begin. I have the bride and her friends sit back as our live model lays on the table, and that’s where the evening really kicks off!

Why Use a Live Model?

Fun! Having a gorgeous man ready to receive your attentions and watching him brought to incredible heights of pleasure is one of the hottest things imaginable. But it’s more than that, too. By having a live model in our Hen’s workshop, we get to see the techniques in action. This is most delicious part of the night. We step out of the classroom and observe how each touch, stroke, and breath is received, how these sensations guide a man into ecstasy.

And to top it off, you won’t just be watching. You’ll be participating, having a chance to practice and refine these techniques so you can take them home with you and practice on your partner.

Three Techniques You’ll Learn

Let’s start with the massage! Every day our bodies are different. We feel different, both physically and emotionally. So, when giving your partner a massage, it’s important to explore where they are on that day and meet them in the sweet spot. One great technique for this is the Resilience Touch Technique.

The core of Resilience Touch is communication. When touching your partner, ask them how the touch feels. If it’s a bit too hard for them in that moment, just soften up a bit and ask again. Or, if they’re wanting the touch to be a bit firmer, they’ll let you know that as well. Keep asking and making adjustments until you find the touch that your partner enjoys most.

One beautiful thing about Resilience Touch is that when you’re really present with your partner in the moment, conscious of the touch you share, your lover can feel it. It takes the massage to the next level.

Now let’s get a bit spicier! Here are two beautiful techniques for the Lingam massage:

Making Fire

Place your hands on either side of the shaft and move your hands as if you were trying to make fire. Start at the bottom, working your way up and back down again. Change up the sensation by applying more or less pressure or by moving your hands faster or slower. You can bring in a subtle new sensation by blowing on the lingam. Your breath will feel cool from far away and warm from closer.

North, East South and West

Imagine that north is towards the head, east is to your right, south is towards the feet, and west is to your left. In this technique, the strokes move from the base of the shaft to the head. First, stroke the lingam in the northern direction three times. Then, place the lingam facing east and stroke in the eastern direction three times. Keep going around the compass until you’ve covered all the directions.

What Your Hens Will Take Home from This Experience

A Tantra Hen’s Party is exciting, sensual, and educational. It’s a chance to learn a powerful feminine wisdom that will bring more excitement and connection into your relationship.

The best thing is that once the night is over, the fun is just beginning! You will want to explore these new skills with your partner at home, deepening the sensuality, pleasure, and intensity of your love life.

The Hen also receives a beautiful starter kit to begin her tantric journey with her partner, soon to be husband.

With these skills on hand, each moment you share with your lover will be juicier and more passionate than the last.

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